Rewind Fast Forward Podcast Episode 2

I’m a horror fan. So, when I had the opportunity to do the Q&A at the Kingston Canadian Film Festival for the Canadian premiere of a new horror film Berkshire County, touted as the revival of the 1980s babysitting horror flick, I jumped at the chance.  And as it turns out, the chance had me jumping quite often, because Berkshire County is a well-crafted, tense and delightfully frightening horror movie. And at the helm of it all, is director Audrey Cummings.

Berkshire went on to win the Grand Jury Prize for Best Feature Film at Shriekfest Los Angeles. The win made her the first female to win the award in the 18-year history of the festival.

Audrey went on to direct an 11-episode digital series; the prelude to her award winning second feature film Darken, a sci-fi/fantasy thriller which won her four awards including Best Science Fiction Feature Film and two Best Director Awards.

Then came Audrey’s third feature film She Never Died, an immortal action thriller unlike any I’ve seen before. The film became a hit on the film festival circuit, garnering considerable critical acclaim as well as some major awards.

Audrey received the WIFT New Vision Fellowship Award for Best Emerging Canadian Female Director and was the recipient of the Barry Avrich Award for Emerging Canadian Filmmaker from the Toronto International Film Festival.

– Thom Ernst, host



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