Comic Art Workshop

Comic Art Workshop

Saturday March 6, 2021
All ages welcome!


Workshop will take place over Zoom.  Link will be emailed to all participants in advance!

The Comic Art Workshop will highlight dynamic figure drawing and storytelling using the classic comic book styles!  It can be as complex as creating a comic with a full story and cover or as simple as teaching students a fun and easy way to draw superheroes and their other favorite characters.  The most important thing is to have fun.  Q&A throughout the workshop!

Supplies needed: pencil, eraser, black marker, paper, ruler and colouring materials.


Instructor Chris (Machete) Cochrane is the owner of MACHETE COMICS, HM MUSIC / ART STUDIO and a student from the legendary JOE KUBERT school of comic book art. Chris has been teaching for well over a decade and fuels his students with passion and knowledge.