We’re going digital in 2021!

KCFF21 will be easier than ever to attend in 2021!  If you or someone in your social bubble has a wifi signal, you’ll be able to stream all the movies, talks, Q&A’s, and festival action from the comfort of your home.  Running February 26-March 7, the Kingston Canadian Film Festival will go fully digital for the first time ever.  Like many things these days, it’ll feel different – but we’re excited to embrace this new format that’ll be more accessible, affordable, and safe for festival-goers.  As we welcome back our longtime supporters, we anticipate KCFF21 will reach newcomers from all over the world….which, I gotta say, is pretty cool.  (Imagine Kingstonians from Canada, the US, and Jamaica all watching at once!).

We’ll be announcing more info as the dates approach and we’ll be here to answer any questions.  All the films will be announced February 5 and we’ll go on sale that day too.  Like the traditional in-person Fest, there will be a finite number of (virtual) seats for each film, we’ll have single tickets and/or passes, and our website will continue to be the main go-to for everything festival related.

And, there it is folks!  Save the dates: February 26-March 7, 2021 – the first-ever digital version of the Kingston Canadian Film Festival.  Of course, lots more to come, so stay tuned.