a note from the director

Stop the press and call Peter Hendra, this just in: our community is amazing!   A massive “thank you” to everyone who donated during our ticket refund period.  Whether it was a single ticket or a full festival pass, it all adds up and will go towards rebuilding towards 2021.  It will be a very challenging off-season but we will prevail and present an awesome next edition.  As our former programmer Elan Mastai said: “I know this (cancelling the Fest) was a tough decision but the right one.  20 years is a remarkable milestone and deserves to be celebrated, even if it has to be at #KCFF21.”


And, don’t think I’d forget about our festival sponsors.  They’ve supported us through the entire cancellation process.  Many are going through their own challenges right now, so if you have the opportunity, please support them!  As we aim to stay more active in the community this off-season, we’ll be bringing our sponsors along with us and promoting/supporting them the best we can.


As I’ve likely mentioned to some of you: cancelling a festival is tons of work – much harder than just forging ahead and running the entire thing!  We’ve had a really supportive Board of Directors through the process – thank you Blaine, Kathleen, Alison, Clarke, Scott, and Wendy.


We hope to not fall off your radar for the year!  Over the next couple weeks we’re showcasing our music video and local shorts program.  And, once we can return to theatres, we’d love to see you all for a Canadian screening or two…..stay tuned, stay safe.


Marc Garniss

Festival Director
Kingston Canadian Film Festival

support the festival

As many of you know, KCFF20 came to an abrupt stop on March 12 after growing concern around the impact and severity of COVID 19. The unexpected and unprecedented cancellation was an incredible disappointment for everyone and a huge blow to our not-for-profit, charitable organization.  We were tremendously moved by the outpouring of support from the community, including our patrons, sponsors, colleagues and friends and their encouragement and generosity will help move us forward as we look to rebuild.  If you’d also like to support the Festival and help see us forward, you can make a donation online and your tax receipt will be issued immediately.

online screenings

KCFF20 ended quickly but we’ve queued up a few online screenings for you to enjoy from the comfort of your home.

Available for a limited time only

2020 films

Canadian filmmakers need our support now more than ever!

Many of the 2020 films are popping up on streaming sites and on demand so hope you can check them out when you see them.