Kingston Canadian Film Festival | 5 Question With Greg Tilson, producer WHO IS BRUCE KAUFFMAN?
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5 Question With Greg Tilson, producer WHO IS BRUCE KAUFFMAN?

5 Question With Greg Tilson, producer WHO IS BRUCE KAUFFMAN?

KCFF’19 will feature the world premiere of a new anthology film WHO IS BRUCE KAUFFMAN? an incredibly ambitious, collaborative project that paired  Kingston-based filmmakers with local poets to create a series of stunning vignettes shot in various locations across the city.  Jesenia Silva chatted with producer Greg Tilson to give us the inside scoop on this exciting new work.

By: Jesenia Silva


What is the inspiration behind the film?

The original concept for “Who Is Bruce Kauffman?” was from our Associate Producer, Nuno Ramalho, who wanted to tribute Bruce as a ‘living legend’ of Kingston’s vibrant poetry scene.  Nuno and I were both inspired by Bruce’s dedication to raise the profiles of local poets.

What was it like to work with so many filmmakers and poets during this project?

Exciting and inspiring!  It has been a humbling experience to collaborate with some of Kingston’s finest poets and filmmakers.  We think the result is an entirely new and unique way of accessing and celebrating local poetry.

How is Kingston’s poetry scene different from any other city?

Kingston is arguably Canada’s most literary town.  The number of writers per capita is astounding!  This certainly becomes apparent in the film which highlights nationally award-winning poets like Steven Heighton, Helen Humphreys, Armand Garnet Ruffo, and Sadiqa de Meijer.  Unlike other larger Canadian cities there is a sense of intimacy and collegiality about our artists that helps create an environment where they are much more approachable – kind of like everyday neighbours who you say ‘hello’ to by name on the street.

What are you most looking forward to about having audiences see “Who Is Bruce Kauffman?” when it premieres at KCFF?

We hope KCFF audiences will leave the film with a newfound love for poetry as a result of these cinematic interpretations.  Also, I think people will agree that every community needs a “Bruce Kauffman”!

What is your favourite part about KCFF?

KCFF is such a wonderful meeting place to celebrate Canadian film.  This is an exciting time for Kingston as our new Film Office helps to position our beloved city as an international destination for media production.  The work KCFF director Marc Garniss and co-director Megan Sirett are doing is a big part of this new vitality and central to why our film community is beginning to really thrive (they also know how to throw a great party!).  Thank you KCFF for providing us with this amazing World Premiere opportunity!


Join us for the world premiere of WHO IS BRUCE KAUFFMAN? on Friday, March 1 at 9:00 pm at The Isabel. Tickets are on sale now!