Kingston Canadian Film Festival | 5 Questions With Jamie Day Fleck, director
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5 Questions With Jamie Day Fleck, director

5 Questions With Jamie Day Fleck, director

This 5 Questions Series with Jamie Day Fleck takes a closer look into AFFAIRS OF THE HEART: The Life and Music of Marjan Mozetich, which pays tribute to the Kingston composer, Marjan Mozetich.  The film premieres at KCFF on Friday, March 1 at The Isabel, a setting that is no stranger to providing a striking backdrop for Mozetich’s beautiful, evocative compositions.

By: Jesenia Silva

1. Tell me about yourself and your experiences as a filmmaker.

I am relatively new to documentary filmmaking. My background is in photography. I went back to school in 2012 for a Masters of Fine Arts in Documentary Media from Ryerson University graduating in 2014. I directed my first documentary as my thesis project for the program. This current film is my third documentary.

2. What is Marjan Mozeitch about?

AFFAIRS OF THE HEART: The Life and Music of Marjan Mozetich explores Mozetich’s challenges to create a 50-year career as a Canadian classical music composer with glimpses into his dream world spanning the vast reaches of the heavens and the dark depths of the human heart. Through performances and dramatic reenactments, Mozetich’s interior world comes alive showing not only a look at his life but a reflection of our own.

3. What was your inspiration behind the film?

I first heard his most well-known composition, Affairs of the Heart, on CBC Radio. I was completely captivated and felt the piece was so intimate and so moving. I had never heard of the composer, Marjan Mozetich, before but when I learned he was alive, a Canadian and living in Kingston; I had to know more. Listening to more of his music, I found it was so emotional and visual working well within a film setting. I have also been very interested in artist process so this film allowed me to explore that further.

4. Marjan Mozeitch is an extremely talented composer, did you learn anything from him while filming?

I have somewhat of a musical background (my father is a classical music pianist and composer) so I loved learning more about classical music in Canada. However, what I learned most from Mr. Mozetich was the importance of persistence and being true to your own artistic voice. It is these two qualities that have made Mozetich’s canon so unique and so important to Canadian culture.

5. Are you excited to have your film premiere at KCFF?

Oh yes! KCFF has been so supportive to me as a filmmaker when they learned about this project. I am honoured to be a part of the festival this year and am so pleased that the film gets to be shown to Mozetich’s largest and most devoted audience