Kingston Canadian Film Festival | 5 Questions with Gabe Meacher
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5 Questions with Gabe Meacher

5 Questions with Gabe Meacher

Actor Gabe Meacher is returning to his hometown to celebrate the Kingston premiere of his latest film FIRECRACKERS. We chatted with Gabe about things like growing up in Kingston (including his time in L.E.A.P and Theatre Complete), what he’s been up to since he left town and his favourite Canadian movies of the year.  You can catch Gabe in person at the Q+As for FIRECRACKERS.

By Alana Macdonald

What is your favourite part about the film community in Kingston?

The Kingston film community is very similar to the rest of Kingston’s arts community, very welcoming, unique and, accessible. The film community itself is home to some great filmmakers like Brent Nurse and Steven Spencer who keep the film scene alive in Kingston and give great film opportunities to young actors in the city. Kingston itself is a very welcoming place with lots of creative professionals lurking around every corner, waiting and willing to help eager artists anyway they can.

What part about growing up in Kingston do you believe benefited your career more so than if you had grown up in a bigger city such as Toronto?

I mentioned this earlier, but the accessibility of the Kingston arts community is unparalleled to a big city (or any city). As a young person I was able to attend theatre institutions such as L.E.A.P and Theatre Complete and was so lucky to play roles that were way above my experience level and age with great companies that strive for excellent community theatre such as, King’s Town Players and Blue Canoe Productions. I think Kingston is on the cusp of becoming an artistic centre in Canada (much like Galway in Ireland), it is clear Kingston’s citizens prioritize art-making in their community.

Do you prefer to do more comedic or serious roles?

I have an awesome acting teacher named Marvin Hinz, and he says all the time “Characters in comedies don’t know they are in a comedy, so just play the truth”. So I guess my answer is that I just like playing interesting characters that tell their truth on screen.

What are some of your favourite films of all time?

Well I will firstly say that my favourite film of all time is What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, it’s just a classic for me. But in terms of new and amazing Canadian films, this year was huge because of films such as: Edge Of The Knife, Mouthpiece (shot by the amazing Catherine Lutes who also shot Firecrackers), Octavio Is Dead by the insanely talented Sook Yin Lee and of course Firecrackers. I am really looking forward to some movies coming up in 2019-2020 from great Canadian directors for example: Grace Glowicki’s TITO, Reem Morsi’s HATE and Ben Petrie’s WORMS.

What is a piece of advice did you received that has resonated with you the longest?

“Everyone on this planet thinks they are SUPER weird, so just embrace your own individual weirdness and let it lead you”. The woman who told me this is named Kelly Dear, she is an amazing Kingston local stand up comic and life lesson teacher (and former Drama Teacher).