5 Questions with Boneyard Director Brent Nurse

Brent Nurse is a fixture of the Kingston filmmaking community, a Guinness World Record holder, viral video director, and an all-around great guy.


When Brent isn’t “out for a rip” he’s busy directing and producing award-winning films, such as the KCFF local short winner DIGGING UP PLATO, which he co-produced.  He was the producer and assistant director on the feature film, 21 BROTHERS, a compelling WWI drama that earned a Guinness World Record for longest movie shot in a single take.  After the success of their last film, THE STRONGHOLD, Brent Nurse and Steve Spencer have been busy working on their latest project BONEYARD premiering this winter at KCFF’17.

  1. What was your favourite movie of 2016?

Sausage Party – just because it almost pushes too far (almost…).

  1. What was your favourite part about directing OUT FOR A RIP?

It was a very fun video to make like many of my videos but having it go crazy viral was certainly the best part.  Even though I did not get paid much at all to make it I could not buy a viral video like that for any money.  So it all worked out in the end.

  1. What do you love most about making movies in Kingston?

The team we have managed to put together.  Steven Spencer and I have really got a great group of people around us that makes this all happen.

  1. Who/what is your inspiration?

In terms of film making: John Carpenter is high on the list and easiest, shortest answer.

  1. Tell us about your new film Boneyard in 25 words or less…..

    Boneyard is a journey into the depths of evil and the allure it has over people.



Brent Nurse

is an experienced artist and film maker who lives and works in Kingston. Over the years Brent has worked on many different film projects in various key roles. They include, MILO (Canada Council grant) an experimental animated short, Do the Right Thing/Sesame Street which has garnered over 670,000 views on YouTube, An Undertaking, which was made possible by an Ontario Arts Council grant and was a Local Short Selection at the Kingston Canadian Film Festival, and The Stronghold, a feature film he created with his partner Steven Spencer.