The Reel Thom Ernst


Thom Ernst has become a KCFF fixture in a few short years.  With his unparalleled enthusiasm for Canadian movies, years of experience, and warm personality, he is a natural host and moderator.  Even though he is usually the one asking the questions, we’ve turned the tables to ask him a few, so you can get to know the Reel Thom Ernst.


By Eva Li


Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got started in the film industry

I’ve loved film ever since I first laid eyes on a movie or television screen. I started writing film reviews as young as 9 – they were just for me. I kept them in notebooks. My first paid review was in the Police News and Taxi News – yes, one was specifically for police and one specifically for cab drivers. I then wrote an script for a short film in 1998 that I coproduced. It got into Sundance. Robert Redford played it at his Ranch in front of the film Smoke Signals. I never wrote another film script but I did get attention from TVO. Even so, when a researcher job opened up for Saturday Night at the Movies – I was their second choice. Someone else was hired but then turned down the gig when they were hired to research the documentary Celluloid Closet. To this day I have no idea who TVO originally hired but I’m forever grateful to that person for not showing up at work!

What projects are you currently involved on or planning to work on next?

I currently have an interview talk show on Bell Fibe 1 called Making Movies the Canadian Way. I also have, what I think to be, a really cool podcast on iTunes called This Movie’s About You. I do the show with Adam Stroud. Adam and I get prominent people in various fields to talk about their ideal double bill. Currently I am waiting to hear from a large publishing company about a recently complete manuscript.

What has been your involvement and history with KCFF?

I have been a fan of KCFF for many years. For 5, maybe more years, I have been coming to Intro films, conduct Q&A’s and host interview segments notably: director Michael McGowan and oscar winner, composer Mychael Danna.

As a host, producer and content creator, what’s a fun fact almost no one knows about you?

I long to do a musical number in a movie (even though I can neither sing nor dance) and to be a victim in a horror film that dies a gruesome, horrible and shocking death. A crowd scene or being part of a chorus wouldn’t count.

Why should all the people reading this article attend KCFF‘17?

If you live in Kingston then this is your film festival. KCFF is an accessible entry to the best in Canadian cinema and offers you the chance to meet some of the best names in current and upcoming CanCon entertainment. (Personally – I love the fact that director Sean Garrity is there almost every year). And for those who don’t live in Kingston- aside from all the above – this is a great chance to see Kingston. I love this city and am still trying to convince my family to move there. Oh – I don’t know the name but there is a fantastic Bavarian restaurant {editor’s note: Amadeus} on one side of the street and a great steak place on the other!



Thom Ernst

Thom Ernst’s career in broadcasting began in community radio. For 15 years, Thom Ernst was the host and producer of Saturday Night at the Movies and when the show came to an end, his love of film and the arts continued. He’s a produced playwright, a freelance writer, a regular film critic and an on-air critic.

Catch up with the latest on Thom Ernst’s work at: or follow him on Twitter @ReelThomErnst

Eva Li

Eva is a Marketing and Sponsorship Assistant for the Kingston Canadian Film Festival. She studies Commerce at Queen’s University and is also involved with Project Envision, a program that teaches and inspires local Kingston students about business.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]