Call for Volunteers!

It’s that time of year again! October is the time of year we start to rally our volunteer troops for the upcoming Kingston Canadian Film Festival March 2-5 2017.

We have so much to accomplish in a short amount of time and volunteers are critical to pulling the whole thing off!

KCFF volunteers are engaged in some of the most exciting and crucial aspects of the festival and are often the first point-of-contact with our audiences, filmmakers and special guests.   Volunteers contribute in many capacities throughout the busy festival season including hospitality, screenings, receptions, guest relations, workshops, technical assistance, and more.  And as a bonus, you can catch great flicks during your volunteer shifts, join us at parties and receptions and get discounts on festival passes.

Interested in volunteering?

Fill out this form and tell us a bit about yourself.  

Don’t panic if you’re not a walking encyclopedia of film; while knowledge of Canadian film is a welcome asset it is not a requirement.  A friendly disposition, genuine enthusiasm and a willingness to help us out is a great start!