The call for submissions for our 2017 season opens in May 2016!  Check back for updates and info.

Our categories are:

FEATURE FILM: features 60 mins+
SHORT FEATURE: films 20-6o mins
CANADIAN SHORTS: short films 20 mins or less
LOCAL SHORTS – EPICS: locally produced short films 20 mins or less
LOCAL SHORTS – MINUTES: locally produced short films 6 mins or less
YOUTH SHORTS: films by youth filmmakers, ages 17 and under
C IS FOR CANADA: short films for kids/all ages, 20 mins or less

Specific guidelines and policies will be announced for each category in May!


  • Only submissions of Canadian films by Canadian filmmakers will be considered.
  • Selection will be based on quality and form.
  • Films must be new releases that have not been submitted to KCFF in the past.
  • Preference given to films making a premiere: international, national, provincial, regional, local.
  • Films must be in English or in the original language with English subtitles.
  • There are additional eligibility requirements for each category – will be announced in May



  • Feature Films: presentation formats are composite DCP (jpeg200mxf), DVD, and BluRay
  • Short Films:  we require a digital copy of your film to be used for festival screening purposes. An online link to an HD .mp4 file using the H264 codec is the preferred format but a DVD (Data DVD not a Playable DVD), USB Key is usable.  The video link must be active until March 1, 2017. For more information follow Vimeo’s compression guidelines for HD films.


  • Available press materials must be shipped to KCFF upon notification of selection.
  • The filmmaker grants permission for the use of all publicity materials (including preview BluRays and DVDs) to be used for promotional purposes, unless otherwise noted.


  • Scheduling of screening dates, times, and locations is at the sole discretion of KCFF
  • Films will automatically be considered for any relevant awards for the appropriate category.
  • We encourage all filmmakers to attend on behalf of their film, if possible. Please contact KCFF staff to arrange travel, tickets, and other details:


Q: I live in the US, but I’m Canadian – am I eligible?

A: Canadians are eligible, no matter where they live.  Filmmaking teams that involve Canadians and team-members of other nationalities are also welcome to submit.

Q: My film is longer than the eligibility requirements ask for, should I submit it anyway?

A: Our length requirements are firm – please make sure your submission meets the criteria described.

Q: Is the deadline date for postmarked packages or actual arrival?

A: As long as your submission is postmarked by the deadline date, we will be happy to accept it.

Q: Can I drop my submission off to you?

A: We prefer that you mail or email submissions. You may drop off submissions to the Local Shorts Program. Please see the submission form for address details.

Q: My film isn’t complete. Can I submit a working copy to you?

A: If we select your film for KCFF and you want to make minor changes, that is possible, but please submit as final a cut as you have available, and indicate any intended changes on your application form. Due to the tight timelines around the Local Shorts Program, please only submit the final cut of your film to this program.

Q: I submitted my film last year and it wasn’t accepted. Can I re-submit it?

A: We regret that we cannot reconsider films that have been submitted in the past.