Local Shorts

    [A SHORT STORY image]
    Writer, Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor: Joel George
    How often do we truly view the people around us as a living and breathing story?  When Nic fatefully bumps into Daniel on the street, he is challenged to reconsider where his priorities lie and make the most of his own story. 

    [AUDITIONING image]
    Writer & Director: Ian VanDuzer
    Cinematographer: Jackie Li
    Producer: Katy Palaic
    Cast: Catharine Zulver and Lauren Albin
    Editor: Laura Cooley
    Auditioning is a story of humbleness, humility, and knowing when to step down  from the stage. Claire is an aspiring actress looking to break into the theater world in a big way, but what will she do when she meets someone better than her?



    [BADAL image]
    Directer, Writter, and Editer: Hamza Bangash
    Co-Writer: Musfirra Shafi
    Actors/Actresses: Mustafa Changezi, Rabiya Hamid, Amafah Mubashir, Sana Ansari, Ali Akbar
    Director of Photography: Hamza Bangash
    Assistant Camera: Shahnoor Ijaz
    Sound Operator: Musfirra Shafi
    Music Composer: Haamid Rahim
    Assistant Music: Elliot Maxwell
    Sound Mixer: Sam Forrest
    Script Supervisor: Amynah Reimoo
    BTS: Nimar Bangash
    Assistant BTS: Jenna Gartlan
    Key Grip: Iqra Ghanchi
    Badal is a story about three teenage girls living in post-colonialist Pakistan. The film explores youth culture, drugs, and gender in a country that straddles both Western influence and Islamic values. Follow Nadia, Sana and Mahnoor as they try to escape their fast-approaching future



    [BLOOM image]
    Director: Spencer Brown
    Assistant Director: Hamza Bangash
    Producer: Natalea Robyn
    Cast: Natalea Robyn, Katarzyna Pawlak, Joanne Robyn, William Lake, Justin Santelli, Nicole Kahansky, Spencer Brown, and Kayll Lake
    Writers: Julia Blakey and Spencer Brown
    Cinematography: Spencer Brown and Hamza Bangash
    Camera Operators: Spencer Brown, Hamza Bangash and Nicole Kahansky
    Sound: Justin Santelli
    Location managers: Natalea Robyn and Nicole Kahansky
    Editors: Emma Casey, Natalea Robyn, Spencer Brown
    Hair: Frank Molnar's Hair Design
    "Created under the production code of the classical Hollywood era, 'Bloom' tells the story of a teenager struggling with identity and the pressures of graduation. They breaking hearts and societal norms in the process. An experiment in filmic subtext".



    [CINQCENTS image]
    Directors: Even Yawen Wu and Yiyang Liu
    Director of Cinematographer: Even Yawen Wu
    Editors: Even Yawen Wu and Yiyang Liu
    Cast: Kay Zhang
    Narrator: Nik Yuen
    CinqCents is a story depicts a young man who is also the narrator of this film falls in love with the female protagonist and decides to write five hundred letters to her to express his deepest desire, emotional love and doubts toward his unanticipated fate. This unknown girl is rather an image that he creates in mind and his deeply hidden fantasy.



    [DANCE SPEAK image]
    Director and Narrator: J. Adam Brown
    Cast: Syreeta Hector 
    Cinematographer: Steve Whitehead
    Sound Design: Niall Collins 
    Sound Recordist: Jeremy Kane 
    Colourist: Jason Zukowski 
    Editor: Steve Bedernjak 
    This 3rd short film from Fauxhemian Films Collective tells the story of Wally Fitzpatrick: dance sceptic. Wally is tired of not “getting” dance shows, and he’s out to change that. How? Through the creation of a “dance language.” Wally’s search for clarity culminates in the execution of his dream scenario: DANCE WITH SUBTITLES. The result is a series of mixed messages, sprawling confusion, and a slice of humble pie for our not-so-humble narrator. 



    [DIGGING UP PLATO image]
    Writer and Director: Leigh Ann Bellamy
    Producer: Leigh Ann Bellamy, Barbara Bell and Brent Nurse
    Assistant Directors: Alex Daniels and Rebecca Bellamy
    Cast: Emer McConnell Radford and Kieran Robinson
    Cinematographer: Curtis Campsall
    Make-up: Amie Bello
    Sound: Michael Gourgon and Alexander Åslund
    Editor: Alex Daniels
    Zoe is ready for an adventure, Tuck is not. This does not deter Zoe as she leads her best friend on a mission to do the worst thing either twelve-year-old could possible imagine. 



    [GUNNER image]
    Writer and Director: Patrick Weiers
    Cast: Sean Meldrum, Luke Montgomery, Ciaran Meyer, and Sivan Aarohn
    Producer: Patrick Weiers
    Camera: Erik Bayley, Patrick Weiers
    Sound: Matt Hovart, Ciaran Meyer
    Editor: Erik Bayley, Ryan Lee
    Score: Emily Klassen 
    Genres clash in this tense single-scene short about two men meeting in a park for a mysterious “exchange.” Gunner is a young man determined but nervous, while Henry oozes confidence and seems to have something up his sleeve. Who will leave the park unharmed? 



    [HISTORY image]
    Director: James Greatrex
    History is an exploration into the haunting beauty and mystery of Kingston. In this video experiment and mood piece I tried to create a dream space that reflected Kingston's beauty, it's darkness and it's undeniable charms. My  focus was on the foliage growing over architecture, hidden rooms and hallways, secrets. It is also the city I met my wife in and she allowed me to shoot her for this project which in my opinion added to the beauty and mystery of the piece - though I am head over heals biased on that one. 

    [JIMMY THE SAILOR image]
    Director: Shayna Markowitz 
    Production Team: Rachel Guergis, Kevin Laporte, Jorie Stern, Madison Elia
    Sound: Shayna Markowitz (guitar) and Kevin Laporte (Percussion)
    Cast: David Brenman, Jorie Stern    
    Narration: Andrew Clark
    Jimmy Behan one day hopes to travel around the world by sailboat, and plans to get enough money to do so through the donations of others. In the mean time, he takes sail to a paper sea. Will romance brew? We shall see. 



    [LAIKA, COME HOME image]
    Director: Ian VanDuzer
    Producer: Kayla Zimmermann
    Cinematographer: Ryan Thomas Woods
    Executive Producers: Chelsea Marie O’Hara, Micki Buie, Eva Otlewski, Laura Anselmo, Ciarán Meyer, Erik Bayley, Chantelle Ng
    Cast: Brandon Macpherson and Erin Miller
    Camera: Even Yawen Wu and Nick Castel
    Sound: Jacob de Hoop
    Assistant Director: Nick Brooks
    Art Director: Sarah Lang
    Script Supervisor: Jillian Wakarchuk
    Gaffer: Joe Craib
    Best Boy: Malcom McKenzie
    Editor: Charlotte Anderson
    Colour: Hilary Smith
    Sound Design: Andrea Stewart
    Score: Dylan Godfrey, Samantha Rutherford, Brent Wirth, Jeff Brown, Sarah Coons
    James returns to his hometown for the first time in years only because his best childhood friend Astrid asks him to. Over the course of a single day, both Astrid and James come to terms with what they’ve lost, and also what they might have now. 



    [MUSTER UP image]
    Writer/ Director/ Editor: Shane Beehler
    Producer: Christopher Ho and Julien Roger
    Publications Director/ Casting: Alana Podreciks
    Director of Photography/ Colourist: Russ De Jong
    Sound Recordist: Taylor Doherty
    Cast: Bea Santos, Vasilios Filippa, and Mazdak Amini
    Hair and Makeup: Ashley Dormuth
    Sound: Ryan Birnberg and Shaun McPherson
    …the internal struggle of a young man as he attempts to become more than a friend with a beautiful girl…



    Director: Charlotte Orzel
    Producer: Brendon Wilson
    Interviews: Wendy Huot and Eamon Quinn
    On the Small Screen is a documentary that examines the fate of independent movie theatres in the digital age. With the push towards digital projection driving many small theatres out of business and declining audiences making moviegoing seem like a relic of the past, does going to the movies still an important cultural practice?



    Writer and Director: Chris Remerowski

    Producers: Chris Remerowski and David Bratton
    Cast: John Goodrich, Laura Burns (Kingston Native), Stephen McPhail, and Bela Kuglics
    Director of Photography: Max Putintsev

    Editor: Kaisa Pitsi

    Music by: Slashrun
    Peter and Jane met on the Internet.  They liked each others profiles and decided to go out on a date.  That's when they discovered what wasn't mentioned on-line...



    [PLEASE DONATE image]
    Directors and Producers: Matt Horvat, Ciaran Meyer, Madeline Forsythe, and Caitlyn Cucco  
    Cast: Katrina Brazzell as the woman and Ciaran Meyer as the man   
    Editors: Matt Horvat, Ciaran Meyer, Madeline Forsythe, and Caitlyn Cucco     
    Music: Emily Klassen



    A woman encounters an ordinary donation bin while walking. She is insecure about the amount she had originally given and will takes things too far to seem generous.



    [TEENAGE DANCE image]
    Producer: Curtis Alexander
    Writer/Director: Adam Bentley
    Cast: Andrew McMillen and Madeline Setzer
    Cinematographer/Editor: Chase Gardiner
    Assistant Director: Dylan Pearce
    Assistant Camera: Katie Gobert
    Production Design: Larry Kelly
    Make Up: Alisha Jean
    Grip/Gaffer: Cody Lang
    Music Supervisor: Alexander Reid
    Location Sound: David Gallinger
    Set Photographer: Chris Kwasnik
    Craft Services: Geeta Sehgal
    Reader: Edwin Autridge
    Score: Reddit Ninja
    A girl examines her facial features. A boy examines his arms and legs. Both prepare for their school’s dance. Will they attend as they appear or as they imagine in their dreams?



    [THE ACTING DEAD image]
    Director: Michael Hayes
    Writer: Alex Scott
    Producer: Steven Hayes
    Cast: Tamara Zdravkovic
    Cinematographer and Editor: Matthew Hayes
    Sound: Christine Tustin
    Logistics: Rachel Hele
    Stills Photographer and Caterer: Lyne Champagne-Hayes
    The Acting Dead is a short film by the Canadian comedy trio Nutjobs. An irate horror film director squabbles with an audacious extra that has a hard time finding his muse as a corpse.

    The short features a cameo appearance by the host of Kingston’s Newswatch Live @ 5 Bill Welychka.


    [THE BENCH  image]
    Director: Michele Klaponski 
    Cast: Michael Van De Put and Jhonny Hcahime  
    A short silent film, which tells the story of a miscommunication that occurs on a bench between two characters. 



    [THE GAZE image]
    Directors: Even Yawen Wu and Yiyang Liu
    Cast: Nelly Matorina
    Camera: Even Yawen Wu and Yiyang Liu
    Editors: Even Yawen Wu and Yiyang Liu
    The Gaze explores the possibility of overlapping different non-human perceptions, such as the gaze of machineries and the gaze of insects. The goal is to examine how those non-human gazes could have the ability to affect and alienate human beings’ long-existing perceptions and to assist the audience in experiencing the idea of voyeurism. The result is double gazes between human beings and non-human objects. 



    [THE PATH image]
    Director/Director of Photography: Jonny Klynkrammer
    Assistant Director/Cinematographer: Malcolm Mackenzie
    Assistant Producer: Chantelle Ng "The Master"
    Executive Producer: Chelsea Marie O'Hara "The Wanderer"
    Editor: Hilary Smith "The Temptress"


    The Path is a five-minute guerilla film metaphorically depicting the Eastern philosophical concept of following the middle path, whose characters embody perseverance, temperance, and temptation.The five-minute film was conceived, shot, edited, and produced in 72 hours for the 2014 Focus Film Festival by a group of five Queen's students. 



    Directors and Cinematographers: Phillip Brule, Fahaam Tashfeen
    Audio: Saarim Tashfeen
    This film explores the miss communication of tech terms between the older and younger generations.

    Producer, Director and Camera: David McCallum of Lightstruck film & media
    Wendy at the Movies came about because of a fascination with the process of motion picture film projection. The interview with Wendy Huot is an insightful, wide-ranging discussion about movies, which took place in the final days of film projection at the Screening Room.