Our History

KCFF was launched in 2001 by Alex Jansen, then a film student at Queen’s University.  It began as a three-day event at the Screening Room Movie Theatre, a two screen repertory cinema which Jansen was managing at the time. Fifteen of the twenty original screenings sold out.

In 2002, the festival added a second venue, increased the number of screenings substantially and added a fourth day to the event. Over the years, the festival continued to develop, launching the Local Filmmaking Initiative to provide educational and networking opportunities for local filmmakers, presenting a high school outreach program, guaranteeing the inclusion of French language films at each festival, and adding retrospective screenings and a Master class.  The festival has showcased approximately 500 features and 750 short films, highlighting the best work from emerging artists, award winners and fan favourites.

In 2016, KCFF will showcase Canadian comedians with a significant connection to the film and television industry.  Each year, the festival finds new, creative ways to expand and support the Canadian film industry.  KCFF is proud to be the globe’s largest stand-alone showcase of Canadian film!

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